Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Work from June

These pictures are a little out of order but I want to get them posted. These were all taken in the middle of last month. Here everyone is starting to shingle the roof.

Before they started shingling, they were putting up particle board and finishing the roof over the dining area and porch.

This is the particle board going up on the back of the house.

Here are the start of the walls inside the house. We are standing in the doorway of the kitchen/dining room area.
I am finally feeling much better. I started back to work a couple of weeks ago and now feel strong enough to start working on the house again. I won't be able to this Friday, since I'm scheduled for a full day at work but I'm hoping once the temperatures cool off, I'll be able go over and to do some site clean up.
I do have some pictures of what was done last week. I WILL get them put up on the blog tomorrow. Now that my energy has returned, I should be able to keep up with posting better than I have!!!

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