Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday, July 16 and Sat, July 17

Busy weekend. I went over to the house site both Friday and Saturday after work. Gary made it over on Friday too. I spent a lot of time in the basement. At least it was cool there!!! I was chiseling off ridges(?) in the seams of the cement. Not sure what to call them, Burrs? They were sharp edges sticking out along the seams and they had to be chiseled off before the foam insulation can be put up. My arms and back are sore and achy today. I also have bruises on a couple of knuckles that I kept hitting with the hammer when I missed the chisel!
The insulation is all in on the main floor and in the edges along the ceiling in the basement! That was fast! It was interesting seeing it being blown in. Insulation will be blown into the attic once the sheet rock is on the ceiling. Speaking of sheet rock, we have people coming on Tuesday to put up the sheet rock!!! I can't believe it is time to sheet rock already! I think they are related to one of the college volunteers and do this professionally and are volunteering their time for our house. How great is that? I still can't believe how fast this is coming along. Before I know it, It will be time to paint and I'll have to actually make a decision on the paint colors!!!

Besides the insulation, the guys finished the siding on one side of the house. I really like how it looks!

This is how it looks on the other 2 sides:

And, they started to put siding on the front.
Thought I would show you the basement. Not much to look at but it is another part of the house that I haven't shown yet. This picture was taken from the bulkhead door stairs.
This one was taken from the back corner looking towards the bulkhead stairs.
Can't wait to see what the house looks like with the sheet rock up!! SSOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

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Melanie said...

It is amazing! I am LOVING watching the progress with your posts!! :) I'm sure you are beyond excited!! May God continue to bless you guys!