Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hall's Brook During Irene

I meant to get these pictures up a long time ago. I can't believe it's been over a month since hurricane Irene hit. Our house was fine and in no chance of getting flooded but Halls Brook was running 6-7 feet above normal. I'm really surprised that the road running along the brook didn't flood. The water came right up to the edge but never ran over the road. For comparison, this is a picture of the brook running under the bridge normally.

This picture is of the brook as you are walking along the road from our driveway towards the bridge. Where you see the white water, is where the brook usually runs. All the water closer to us is from the flood.

My pictures are a little out of order. This picture was taken just after the bridge, looking towards a big rock that you can walk out on from the road.

This picture shows how close the water was to the road. In the lower right hand corner you can see part of the road and how the water comes right up to it.

Here is a picture taken from the road looking over the bridge. Since the bridge is so old (it's been unused for who knows how long.) I wasn't about to walk onto it. I could just see it collapsing with me on it! Usually to get to the trees on the other side you would have to walk up a pretty big bank.

This is the opening from the road that we usually climb down to get to the brook. You can see how the water was right up to the road.

This is the big rock I mentioned earlier that you can climb out on and look down at the brook.

And finally, a picture of the water running under the bridge. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but Alex an I were staying well away from the edge! One wrong slip and that would have been the end.

In the house with all the windows closed, Alex and I kept hearing this loud booming noise coming from the brook. When we went down we finally figured out it was the way the water was hitting one area of the bridge, it was making this noise.
Seeing this was really amazing. We were grateful that we survived Irene with no damage unlike a lot of people!

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