Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Stuff We are Working On

My sewing area is finally done and we are moving stuff back into it. We moved this stuff yesterday before we went into work. Just waiting for Gary to get up this morning to finish moving things in and around then I can get to re-organizing. 

I'm making a little garden here. There used to be one of the old ugly pine trees here that we took down last summer. Guess I should say, Gary took down. There used to be a little garden here so it's a little easier to dig. There's a little rose bush that is growing here. At one point one of the home owners of the old farm house that used to be here had gardens and the rose bush was left over from that.  I didn't know if it would come back after Gary weed wacked it last spring. There are some buds on it. so maybe we'll be able to see what the flowers actually look like. I pulled out a bunch of those big orange lilies that are every where. We'll see how many start coming back. I put a humming bird feeder out there. I have seen a couple of humming birds this spring. I would like to plant flowers here that will attract humming birds and butterflies.

This Luna moth was on our door the other morning. It was a small one compared to some I've seen.

Here is what is left of the key tree. The key tree is where Habitat hung the key to the house so we and other workmen could get into the house during the week to work on it. It's taken a long time for the guy to come and start cutting it down. I hope he comes fairly soon to finish the job! that area is where Gary would like to put a shed so we have a place to put our snow blower, lawn mower and other stuff.