Monday, April 30, 2012

What We've Been Doing

It's been a while since I've posted. We've been busy around the house, especially this spring. Blogger has changed how they upload pictures so these aren't in the order I wanted them but I don't feel like trying to change them now. 

Here is the little garden underneath the dining room window. The azalea was given to us by some friends last year. We picked up the granite pavers a couple weeks ago to line the area. We found a local place where the pavers were a lot less than at Home Depot. Still need to finish putting them in. We picked up a couple of small hosta to put in here. Just waiting for some warmer days to put them in. It's been chillier lately.

We decided to put in a couple maple trees.  Gary dug a couple little ones up from a different part of our property. The bottom maple we put between the two pine stumps. We cut the pine trees down last summer. We didn't want a yard full of pine needles. The tree in the top picture is sort of in the middle of the yard between the house and the apple tree.  We'll see if they survive.
This is what my basement sewing room looks like now. Gary and Alex put up the frame work for the walls. We couldn't just attach sheet rock to the styrofoam insulation panels. Alex helped run the wires for the outlets and wired the outlets up. It will be nice not to have to run an extension cord from the washer and dryer area to run all my stuff.  Gary has been mudding the walls. Wish they would dry faster. Once Gary is done, I will be able to paint the walls. We have lots of green paint left from painting the upstairs so I will be using that. Alex also helped put up the light fixture.

Gary also planted three new blueberry bushes. Two of them look like they will make it. The third one I'm not sure if it will make it or not. I planted three little lilac shoots last fall. These were from a lilac at my parents house that Gary and Kara gave me for Mother's Day a while ago. Each shoot was only about 6 inches tall. I didn't know if they would survive the winter or not. I thought i might have moved them a little too late last fall. But they are doing good and getting lots of leaves. Hopefully they will start getting a little taller.

We have to keep reminding ourselves as we plant new stuff to remember that everything won't always be this small and not to plant too much stuff or it will all be too crowded later. We have a couple of people who are ready to give us lots of plants from their gardens. Last year we just weren't ready to plant a lot of stuff. We were busy getting rid of trees and trying to pick up all the rocks and stuff that were left over from construction.