Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 23 and 24

Hi! I finally have a chance to get on the computer! Here are the pictures from last week. This is the master bedroom. You can see that the taping has started.

Kara's room

Alex's room. His room is between the living room and Kara's room. Since it only has one window, it tends to be the darkest room and he wants to paint it a dark blue!!! I'm trying to mediate between him and Gary and get a lighter blue with maybe one wall a darker blue!

This is part of the bathroom. With it's shape, it is hard to get a picture of it.

The entry closet. It will be nice to have a closet to put coats in as people come into the house. Then they don't get dumped where ever!!

The dining area, taken from the kitchen.

The kitchen, taken from the dining area.
And, last but not least the living room.

So, as you can see the house is really coming along!! Now we can actually see what the room look like.

Here's where the siding was when we finished last week. The only side that isn't done is the front.

Gary and I went over yesterday evening to do some picking up around the house. I'd better get off of here and get out to the house to work!! It will be exciting to see how far we get today and tomorrow!

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Melanie said...

It is amazing how much can get done in a day or two! :) You've done a wonderful job keeping us all updated!! :) I like your idea of one dark wall in Alex's room... with all four, it would have too much of a cave feel. Another idea would be to put a chair rail or boarder trim half way down the walls and put one color above and the other below! :) I'm sure it will look amazing whatever you guys decide!!