Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finished Porch

Not much to say today. Just wanted to get the pictures up of the finished porch. Well, almost finished. We will need to do some touch up in a few areas but if that doesn't get done till next spring, at least we have the wood protected from the weather.
The fun part is, we're not supposed to walk on it for 48 hours. That means going in and out through the bulk head. Riley is no problem he just jumps in and out. Ginger can get out fine, she just doesn't like jumping back in onto the stairs. 

Here's the view looking out the front door. You can see where the shed will be in the background.

Now to go see if I can get any more of the stain off my hands!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

End of Summer Updates

Lot of stuff going on so haven't had much time to post anything. Kara has gone back to Houghton to start her senior year. She will finish a semester early. Alex has started his senior year of High School and seems to be enjoying all his classes. Before Kara left for school, I made the kids sit for some pictures (all 4 kids). Here is a group picture and then we have the girls and then the boys.

There is a wind farm going up in Groton, which is just over the mountain from us. On the ridge above our house, they are putting in 5 windmills. This is the one that you can see from our yard. I sure we will see more of them when the leaves are gone. We watched them put this arm into place. The crane moved so slowly that it was hard to tell if it was moving at all. I think there is a total of 24 windmills in all in the whole project. 

Here is what the shed site looks like now. It is almost ready for the shed. I think the delivery date is October 22 or sometime near there.

Today Gary and I painted the railings and post of the porch. Gary was getting very frustrated having to paint left handed and I did a lot of the painting between the rails. We will need to put on 1 more coat. We have stain for the stairs and deck. It is called Boston Brick by Benjamin Moore. It really makes a big difference having the the railings and post painted white!! Hopefully we will have enough good weather to get this finished before winter hits.