Friday, September 17, 2010

a Little of This and a Little of That

Here's a picture of the front of the house with the new front steps and railings.

In the close-up you can see that the porch light is up. We also have a doorbell.

Lights were put in the bedroom closets and shelves. Here's a picture just for you Kara of your bedroom closet.

The hall linen closet. The bathroom linen closet also has shelves like these.
The faucets are in and the water is running. The dishwasher is all hooked up.

Here is the stove.

These are the lights we picked out for the kitchen, livingroom hall and bedrooms. The dining room light is different and not up yet. The bathroom light isn't up yet either. All the lights were donated by the NH Electric Co-op.

Here's the bathroom sink and potty. Faucets are all installed here too. And, no there isn't a huge light streak going down the drawers, it's just how the flash made them look.
Been busy getting all the trim and baseboard ready to paint. Spent a lot of time sanding today. Debbie started painting some of the doors today since we didn't need to prep them

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Melanie said...

Beautiful!! I bet you guys are ALL sooo excited to spend your first night in your new home! :) Congratulations!!