Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clean Up Day

Don't have any new pictures right now. Everything that is being done is stuff that doesn't really show up in a picture. The foam board insulation is all up in the basement. I have all the window trim and baseboard in the kitchen, livingroom and diningroom painted. Gary is on vacation this week so a lot more painting will get done. We are very close to being done. This Saturday is the last volunteer work day and is clean-up day. If anyone would like to come out and help, we could use your help. If you have rakes or shovels, you can bring those to help clean up and level out the yard. We have lots of machinery ruts.
I can't belive how far we have some since April 30th. I can't believe we will soon be in a house of our own!!!


Drill said...

I wish that I could have been there to help out. I am still not getting around very well. I pray that everything went well and that you had lots of help.

Do you have the moving day set yet?


Melanie said...

Wow!! You guys must be SOOOO excited! Move in day has to be right around the corner...
God Bless You all! :) Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop of this amazing progress!