Sunday, September 12, 2010

Counter Top

I finally figured out how to download pictures to Mom's laptop. Here are some pictures of the kitchen with the countertop. I'll have to try and get over tomorrow and take some now that the stove and fridge are in. Gary and I put the knobs on the cabinet the other day.

A close-up of the counter top. The color is a little off but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.

The permanent steps were built for our entry porch on Friday. They look really nice. Gary has been working on getting the baseboards and window and door casings just how he wants. I'm just waiting till he gets to a point so I can start painting. I don't know what was done on Saturday, I haven't been back yet to see. There is a lot of little stuff to do and finish so it will take a little while and there is not a lot to take picures of. I will take what I can to keep everyone updated now that I know how to download onto mom's computer.
When I'm not working on the house or at the bakery, I'm sorting and trying to get things packed here at mom and dad's house.

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