Saturday, May 1, 2010

House Build Day 1 and 2

We have now finished the first 2 days of construction. It was a lot of work but exciting. The first day I forgot my camera. The first day a big group of college students came out from the campus chapter of Habitat. By the end of the day, we managed to get the flooring on over the basement. The site supervisor didn't think we would get that far the first day so he had to make a call to get more supplies delivered or there would be nothing to do on Saturday.

When I got to the site on Saturday, the truck was just delivering the supplies. We had another good size group from the college and various other people. We really appreciate every ones help. It was so much fun to see 2 walls go up today. By the end of the day, I was really sore and tired. I'm glad I remembered to pick up gloves on my way t the site yesterday. Some of the college kids didn't wear any and had some good blisters on their hands from all the hammering.

In the next couple of pictures, you can see how far we got Friday.

These next pictures show the raising of the first wall. Here, you can see Paul, the site supervisor, giving us instructions on how to raise the wall.

To give everyone an idea of where things are in the house, the first window is the living room, then two bedrooms.

Here is the second wall up. You can see the dining room window on the right. Then there is the kitchen window, bathroom (I'm assuming) and a bedroom. I think it is the master bedroom. I saw the house plans but it is hard to remember just where everything is.

This shows the end view of the house from the back of the property. Through the trees on the right side, you can just see the neighbors (last years Habitat build) house through the trees.

Here is what will eventually be our yard. Since it gets sunlight all day, I'm thinking it would be nice to put in a small garden. We will need to put up some kind of fencing to keep the wildlife out of it. We'll also need to put up some kind of fence to keep the dogs safe. We really don't need Ginger wandering off and running into something and Riley would make a good couple of bites for some of the bears and other animals out here.

I want to thank everyone again who came out here the last couple of days. We really appreciate all the help we received.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing how far we have gotten. I'll try to post things as they come up and keep pictures posted of our progress so stop by again to see what we have done.


Melanie said...

It's a wonderful idea to blog about your house! We are sooo thrilled for you guys! :) What a true blessing from God!

Abbie said...

These photos are awesome!! you guys must be sooooo excited!

Caron said...

This is so exciting, Beth! I look forward to watching the progress. :-)